ID Lube

ID Lube is the leading lube brand in the UK, and it's easy to see why! The ID Lube range is massive, and they have a lube for every occasion.

From the Water-based super slippy ID Glide, and the sensation enhancing ID Pleasure to the Silicone-based ultra long lasing ID Millennium, there really is and ID Lube for you.

Don't forget the world's best selling flavoured lube, ID Juicy Lube in a tounge-tingling twelve flavours. Also warming ID Sensation and ID Cream for men who love to love themselves!

Try ID Lube today, you won't be sorry!

See the whole ID Lube range - It's really big! has the whole ID range available for immediate dispatch, so what are you waiting for!?!

ID Glide

Silky smooth and ultra-long lasting
Formulated from the highest quality ingredients, ID Glide is silky smooth, long lasting and condom friendly. Designed to enhance the pleasure of intimacy.

ID Millennium

Moisturising and super-slippy!
The highest quality pure silicone based lubricant. ID Millennium never dries and never loses slip.

ID Pleasure

Feel the zing!
Designed to stimulate arousal, ID Pleasure Sensual Lubricant includes sensation-enhancing ingredients. ID Pleasure is clear, odourless and water-based.

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ID Moments

NEW ID Moments is a supremely light and gentle hypo-allergenic lubricant.

ID Sensation

ID Sensation warming liquid
Warms on contact for enhanced sensation

ID Juicy flavours

For great tasting sex!
Containing no sugars or dyes, ID Juicy Lube's clear, non-staining formula is water-based, long lasting and condom friendly, making it ideal for foreplay, oral sex and intercourse.

ID Him Cream

Because men like foreplay too!
ID Him Cream is an oil-based lubricant designed specifically to enhance male pleasure in both foreplay with a partner and whilst home alone.

ID Stimulation Gel

Experience clitoral stimulation wit the intensity you never imagined was possible. With its unique blend of natural aphrodisiac ingredients, ID Stimulating Gel for her will ignite your orgasm! Simple apply a drop of ID Stimulating Gel for her onto your (or your partner's) finger tip and gently massage directly onto the clitoris. You will quickly experience a unique warming sensation. Continued massage will increase arousal.

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